“The specific mission of the school, then, is a critical, systematic transmission of culture in the light of faith and the bringing forth of the power of Christian virtue by the integration of culture with faith and of faith with living."

                             The Catholic School, 1977

We embrace and pursue a model for Catholic education that flows from the heart of the Church's teaching and tradition; formed well before the last 100 years of new and modern education.  What are the tried and true methods of Catholic educational practice and theory that have been used for centuries in Western culture?


Here are a few key distinctives we practice:


  • History is essential to a Catholic education. We organize our curriculum around historical time periods, and engage our students with a lovingly told story about their history.


  • Western culture has gifted us with a time tested understanding of how humans learn. We embrace the Trivium of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric by teaching outstanding factual knowledge to our students, training students to think, and guiding students to excellent ways of expression.


  • We join the Church’s brilliant tradition of attaining intellectual virtue through study. Our students learn how to be self guided learners through practices like close reading, reflection, logical thinking, analysis, synthesis, asking good question, making connections, and memory.

  • We believe all studies reflect God.  We choose all student materials and content for their value in demonstrating the good, beautiful, and true.


  • We focus on a education for life that is broad and foundational.  Our students learn Music, Latin, Art, and Physical Education.

What is Classical Catholic Education?