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Our Mission

The Trivium

We embrace an understanding of child development found in time tested model of the Trivium.  The Trivium demonstrates that children from earliest ages until around 5th grade are primarily in a Grammar stage.  They absorb factual knowledge, parts, details, names, dates, etc. better than at any other time in life.  Children from 5th grade through 8th grade enter a Logic stage.  They become oriented to questioning everything.  We guide students in the Logic stage to sound reasoning, logic, argument, and more complex thinking about all they know.  The Rhetoric stage follows and is focused on authentic, meaningful, full, and effective expressions of Truth.  

The Trivium works within grades as well.  In all studies we focus on what we know (Grammar), how we think about what we know (Logic), and how we effectively, accurately, and meaningfully expresses our understanding (Rhetoric).


Why the Trivium?

The Trivium has been developed for centuries as the most natural and developmental way that humans learn.  You will be amazed at how much factual knowledge your children can learn from earliest ages; all with great ease and joy.  You will be impressed with the depth and precision of thought from older students.  They will be trained to think at precisely the age when they are ready to question everything!

The Trivium in Practice

Grammar (Practiced most in Kindergarten - 5th Grade, though practiced in all grades)

  • Answers the question of the Who, What, Where, and the When of a subject.


  • Discovering and ordering facts and basic knowledge

  • Observing, naming, rendering, and memory

  • The details of everything.

 Logic (Practiced most in 5th - 8th Grade, though  practiced in all grades)


  • Answers the Why of a subject

  • Developing reasoning, a systematic understanding, and understanding relationships. 

  • Fitting facts together into a logical framework

  • Effective argument

  • Cause and effect relationships

​ Rhetoric (Practiced most in 6th - 9th grade, though practiced in all grades)


  • Answers the How of a subject

  • Applying knowledge and understanding

  • Expressing truth through writing and speaking with originality and effectiveness.

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