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Life in the Church

Mass: The most important thing we do as a school

We have a weekly school Mass, and our students attend the daily Mass in the chapel on a rotating basis.

Devoted to our Blessed Mother

Our school forms a "Children's Rosary" and our students faithfully lead each other in praying the Rosary around their classroom Blessed Mother statues each Friday at 2:30.

Living the Church Calendar

We celebrate and live the rich and beautiful calendar of the Church.  Ask a student which Saint's feast day it is today.  They will probably know!

Prayer is our way of life

We bath our school life in prayer, and remember our dependence on God throughout our day.   The Morning Offering, Angelus, and Act of Contrition are faithfully prayed daily.

Serving in the model of Christ

We enjoy frequent opportunities to serve.   Our parents lead in grade sponsored service projects on and off campus.

Teaching the Faith boldly

Our teachers teach the Catholic Faith using materials that present the truth with clarity and conviction.   

Deepening our friendship with our Lord

Our teachers model and share their faith with students. Our desire for each student is to have a life changing relationship with our Lord through His Church.  .

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