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The joy of the Blessed Mother: The “Children’s Rosary” at St. Francis Xavier

How the Rosary is changing our school

On May 12th, 2017 St. Francis Xavier students gathered around the campus Our Lady of Fatima statue to begin their first weekly “Children’s Rosary” prayer group at the school.  The Children’s Rosary, founded by Blythe Kaufman, is described on their website as “a lay prayer movement for children. It is an effort to begin in parishes Rosary prayer groups composed of children and led by children.....Through prayer of the Rosary, Our Lady will guide our young people while at the same time sanctify families and Parishes.”  There are a few things that make the Children’s Rosary special and significant.  First, is that the Children’s Rosary is led by children.  At St. Francis Xavier, the classes are assigned a Friday to lead on a rotating basis. The students use the intercom to announce each mystery, and recite the first part of each prayer. The entire student body prays along and responds in unison.  Second, is that the Rosary is prayed around a statue of the blessed Mother, a flower is given for the fruit of each mystery, and children are encouraged to kneel and sit around the Blessed Mother.  These practices encourage the practice of reverence and an awareness of the sacred.  Lastly, the Rosary is linked to other Children’s Rosaries prayed throughout the world through an interactive map on the Children’s Rosary website.  It is important for the students to know that their prayers are united with children all over the world.  The effects of the Children’s Rosary at St. Francis Xavier School have been amazing.  The students’ love for the Blessed Mother and the Rosary have grown as students are invited to pray the Rosary. The students can confidently lead other students in prayer, and in turn are able to lead the Rosary with friends and family outside of school.  The school has also observed an increase in the peace and joy that are found in Jesus as the Blessed Mother gently leads towards her Son.  Mr. Nathan Wright, the school’s principal, remarked “Our Children’s Rosary has been a very significant development at our school.  The Children’s Rosary has been a profound way to invite the Blessed Mother more fully into the life of our school.”    

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